Project name:

A Singapore distributor imports the butterfly valve products

Client’s name:

A dealer in Singapore

Purchase valve:

A total of 1398 sets of butterfly valves

Client needs:

Provide valves for local oil engineering company

Case description:

The customer comes from a Singapore country and which is a local distributor. And it regularly purchases some butterfly valves for inventory to serve local end customers.

This time, the customer received a project from a local oil company that needed a large number of butterfly valve for supporting projects. However, the customer’s inventory could not meet the engineering needs. It is necessary to find a valve manufacturer to purchase a batch of stock to prepare the goods, which also contributed to the first cooperation between customer with the aiwo, the purchase of 1,193 sets of butterfly valve from the aiwo.

In this cooperation with the customers, the customer was very satisfied with the products and the newly upgraded packaging. At the same time, it also made it clear that the next time there is demand, it will be purchased again from aiwo.