Project Name: An Indonesian Distributor Imports Butterfly Valve Products from Aiwo

Customer Name: A Distributor in Indonesia

Requirement of valves: 720 multi-standard butterfly valves

Customer demand: As a middleman import valve for local end customers

Case description:

The Indonesian dealer is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has its own shops and warehouses in the area. It is also a small scale.  In 2018, once again at the international trade fair, the dealer encountered the Aiwo valve for the first time, and was immediately defeated by Aiwo. The first cooperation was achieved with the Aiwo’s high quality valve products and excellent service.

The distributor imported valve products from Aiwo, and then resold them to local end customers. By the year 2019, it was the second year of cooperation. In this cooperation, the distributor purchased 720 multi-standard butterfly valves from aiwo Valve. The high-quality products and services also allow customers to express their hope that they will continue to cooperate with Randall for the third, forth and fifth years…