Project name: a valve distributor in Egypt imports inventory valve for sale.

Customer name: a valve dealer in Egypt.

Purchase valve: ductile iron soft seal wafer butterfly valve.

Customer demand: import stock regular valve for normal sales.

The Egyptian valve distributor is located in Alexandria, Egypt. It has been engaged in the valve industry for 13years. It is very professional and has a fixed customer base and sales method. As a middleman, it needs to purchase a large number of valves sold throughout the year.

China is a large producer of valves, and distributors intend to use Chinese valve manufacturers as their own sales channels. After a lot of comparison, the enthusiasm of the foreign trade sales staff of Iwo Valve has left a deep impression on the Egyptian distributors from the very beginning. Samples, from the trial order to the subsequent full container order, the cooperation was smooth and happy. In September 2019, the Egyptian customer came to the Aiwo valve factory for inspection. The distributor said that Aiwo’s products are very in line with his requirements and will cooperate with him in the future. Valve further cooperation.