Electric gate valve

1. Overview of electric gate valve:

Electric gate valve is suitable for pipelines in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants, etc., to cut off or connect pipeline media. By selecting different materials, the applicable medium is: water, oil, steam, weak acid and alkali solution. The gate valve has simple structure, convenient operation, good performance and long service life.

2. Product features of electric gate valve

1. Compact structure, reasonable design, good valve rigidity, smooth passage and small flow coefficient;

2. The sealing surface is made of stainless steel and hard alloy, which has a long service life;

3. Using flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation;

4. The driving mode is electric;

5. The structure is elastic wedge single ram, rigid wedge single ram and double ram type;


3. Executive standard of electric gate valve:

1. Design specification: GB/T 12234

2. Structure length: GB/T 12221

3. Connecting flange: JB/T 79

4. Test and inspection: JB/T 9092

5. Pressure-temperature: GB/T 9131

6. Product identification: GB/T 12220